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7 Denim Trends to Watch: Find the Right Trending Jeans

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In the world of fashion, denim reigns supreme. Whether jeans, jackets, skirts, or even handbags, denim is the ultimate versatile fabric.

Although denim is a fashion staple, the way we wear it continues to be reimagined and revamped. Denim trends for 2024 point to different washes, cuts, and more. Let’s dive into this year's most notable looks in trending jeans.

denim trends to watch
From ankle to full length, straight leg to flare, Chico’s has all the top denim trends for 2024!

7 Denim & Jeans Trends for 2024

Put a fresh twist on this iconic style with an array of denim fashion trends. Ready to revolutionize your wardrobe with both nostalgic nods and innovative designs? Here are the top 7 current denim trends to work into your rotation in 2024.

Wide-Leg Jeans

Achieve an effortless yet put-together look with wide-leg denim. Embracing comfort without compromising style, wide-leg jeans feature roomy legs and a flowing silhouette for a touch of retro flair. 

How to style this denim trend:

There are many ways to style wide-leg. Pair wide-leg denim with an embellished blazer, hoop earrings, block heel slides, and a clutch for a refined, sleek ensemble. 

denim trends
New wide leg trouser jeans made from dye-free seeded denim are the highlight of the season.

Flare Jeans

When it comes to current jean trends, flares have been fully revived. Embrace this iconic style, known for its dramatic leg shape. For those who love to make a statement with their fashion, flare jeans are the perfect choice. They also look great on many body types, thanks to the flattering fitted waist and thighs. 

How to style this denim trend:

Lean fully into this denim trend by pairing your flare jeans with a flowy bohemian-inspired blouse layered with a faux leather jacket, finished with boots. If you’re going for a more professional look, pair your flares with a button-up blouse, structured blazer, and minimalist jewelry. 

denim trends
Chico’s Girlfriend flare jeans are fitted in the hips & thighs, then flare at the knees.

Dark-Wash Denim

Dark-wash denim takes center stage this year thanks to its classic appeal and styling versatility. No matter what form you choose, from girlfriend jeans to jackets, skirts, or dresses, dark-wash denim embodies timelessness and can be easily dressed up or down.  

How to style this denim trend:

Dark-wash jeans can really pull together an athleisurewear look. Wear a pair of classic dark-wash ankle jeans with a mock neck top layered with a puffer jacket, finished with embellished sneakers for a look that’s both upscale and casual. 

denim trends
These Girlfriend ankle jeans in rainier indigo have a rich dark wash, perfect for the end of winter.

Pull-On Denim

Pull-on denim, whether wide leg or straight leg, creates a touch of casual charm. This current denim trend allows you to enjoy the ease of a pull-on waistband with the style of button front denim. 

How to style this denim trend:

Pick out a pair of playful pull-on jeans and wear them with your favorite heels and a crisp white button front shirt for an effortless brunch look. 

denim trends
This pull-on style brings together stylish details and a comfort waist.


Jeggings are back in a big way. Create eye-catching outfits that embrace a more laidback approach to fashion. When styled right, jeggings can add a bit of everyday elegance to your wardrobe. 

How to style this denim trend:

Let your jeggings do their thing by pairing them with a sleek blouse, understated black heels, and minimalist gold tone accessories to tie everything together. 

denim trends
Can you believe these are jeggings? Their stretch denim construction gives them the right look, feel, and fit.

Denim on Denim

With so many denim trends to choose from, why not mix and match? This trend involves styling top and bottom denim pieces together to create texture and depth.

How to style this denim trend:

Combine denim pieces in different washes or shades to create contrast, such as a light-wash denim shirt with dark-wash slim jeans. On the other hand, if a perfect match is more your style, break up dark wash flares and a denim jacket with a classic white tee or tank. 

denim trends
There’s so much to love about the simplicity of this denim-on-denim ensemble.

Silver & Metallic Jeans

Add a bit of shimmer to your denim with silver and metallic jeans. Create eye-catching, futuristic-leaning outfits that embrace a more daring approach to fashion. When styled right, silver and metallic jeans can add a bit of contemporary glamor to your wardrobe. 

How to style this denim trend:

Let your metallic jeans take center stage by pairing them with a sleek black top, understated black heels, and minimalist accessories to tie everything together. 

denim trends
These silver coated jeans have an eye-catching flair that’s perfect for party wear.

How to Incorporate These Denim Trends into Your Wardrobe

Revive your wardrobe by embracing current jean trends. When embracing new trends in jeans for women, pulling off new styles is all about finding the right fit.

Find the Right Denim Length for You

One of the most common jean fit problems is finding the right length. If they’re too long, it can result in an unkempt look, plus you’ll find yourself tripping over the hem and ending up with tears. If they’re too short, it can result in an awkward fit that throws off the proportions of your outfits.

To help you shop, here’s a breakdown of the different full length denim inseams: 

  • Petite: Petite jeans feature an inseam between 27” and 29” and are generally suited for shorter women.
  • Regular: Regular jeans usually have an inseam of about 29” to 32”. Usually, these jeans fit women in the average height range best.
  • Tall: Tall jeans feature a longer inseam of about 32” to 35”. Generally, tall jeans are aimed at women with longer legs.

denim trends
Full length styles like these jeggings are good for transitioning seasons, offering a little more coverage.

In addition to the fit options, there are denim styles that vary in length across the board:

  • Cropped denim: Trouser or cropped styles offer a playful and casual look, perfect for warmer seasons and relaxed outfits. 
  • Ankle length: Ankle jeans provide a sporty yet polished look. They can be easily paired with heels or sandals to create versatile, occasion-based styles. 

denim trends
Cropped and ankle lengths come in a variety of leg shapes and rises. These pull-on wide leg ankle jeans combine some the biggest denim trends for 2024.

Which Leg Shape Is Best for Your Body Type

Understanding how to choose denim for your body shape is key to finding jeans that flatter your silhouette. Different cuts accentuate certain features and play down others. Here’s how to choose a denim leg shape for your body type:

  • Wide Leg: Create balance with the proportional silhouette of wide leg jeans. They can complement a wide variety of body shapes and are particularly flattering for those with a pear-shaped body.
  • Skinny: Accentuate curves with skinny jeans thanks to their sleek and elongated silhouette. The hugging fit is ideal for hourglass and rectangle-shaped bodies. 
  • Slim Leg: Great for those with an apple-shaped body, slim-leg jeans fall between skinny and straight cuts, offering a tailored yet not overly tight fit.
  • Straight: Straight-leg jeans offer a timeless look, making them suitable for all body types. They offer a classic, flattering look without being too tight or too loose. 
  • Boot Cut & Flare: For those with a pear-shaped, hourglass, or even straight body type, boot cut and flare jeans balance out curves and add volume at the bottom. 

denim trends
Perfect for all body types, straight leg jeans have style versatility, pairing well with blouses, tanks, tees, and more.

Update Your Denim Collection for 2024

The great thing about fashion is there are endless ways to revamp your wardrobe and create outfits that speak to this moment in style. When searching for trending jeans, make sure to prioritize comfort along with your personal style. 

Try out different denim fashion trends, whether you go for the retro aesthetic of flares or the futuristic tone of metallics. 

To refresh your collection, explore Chico’s wide range of jeans and denim. You’re sure to find jeans that embody the denim fashion trends of 2024 while catering to your unique style preferences.