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What’s The Most Flattering Denim For Your Body Type?

Having a perfect pair of flattering denim can be a game-changer for any woman’s closet. Once you have that staple pair of jeans, the outfit possibilities are endless. Say goodbye to those days of trying on a million pairs of pants before settling on the right ones! We all know that you look your best when you are feeling your best. A big part of feeling your best comes from what you’re wearing. A good pair of flattering jeans can make all the difference in helping you look and feel like your best self.


Jeans can help complement your body and show off your figure without having to do too much. When selecting the right type of denim, you always want your jeans to play to your body’s strengths while also providing lasting comfort throughout your busy day. Finding the perfect pair of form-fitting jeans comes down to understanding your body type. Remember, there is no ‘bad’ body type. Every singly body has its own perfect, unique fit. Let us help you discover the right pair of jeans for your body type!

straight-cut jeans

Shapes can help guide you to better understand your body type. Let’s start with one of the most common shapes: the triangle shape. In this type of shape, your shoulders and bust are smaller than your hips, where you carry most of your weight. Triangle shapes are typically defined by the fact that your hips are the widest part of your body, while your waist is one of the smallest parts of your body. This lovely body type has so many options to choose from. We recommend styling your outfits with jeans that sit right at your waist or even high-rise jeans. This type of fit can help accentuate your fabulous waistline and give you a beautiful shape. Flared jeans and bootcut jeans can also be a good option because they help lengthen your legs. Straight-cut jeans are another good pick since they give you more space in the bum and hip area for added comfort.

Another common body form is the heart shape. A heart shape means that your upper half is bigger than your lower half. Typically, heart shapes have broader shoulders with a wide torso and an average to large bust area. This shape also has a loosely defined waist and a flatter backside. There’s so much to love about a heart shape! You want to draw attention away from the tummy area for this body type by highlighting your other assets. Your goal should be to elongate your figure to create the illusion of a smaller waistline. Bootcut jeans are a great option for heart shapes because they help draw the eye to your legs rather than your midsection. Jeans with an elastic waistband are another good option because they help cinch your waist while giving you stretch and comfort. We recommend staying away from low-cut jeans to avoid drawing attention to any unwanted areas.

belts are great for cinching the waist

One of the most misunderstood body types is the rectangle shape. Rectangle-shaped bodies have fewer curves. Typically, this body shape has very little waist definition, with square shoulders and equally square hips and legs. In other words, your bust, waist, hips, and legs are about the same size. If you have a rectangle body type, you have many options to highlight your beautiful figure. To accentuate your feminine curves, aim for jeans that cinch at the waist to give the appearance of an hourglass figure. Jeans that sit right about your waist can also be a good choice, as they help create more shape in your waist and hip area. You can add a cute belt to any pair of jeans to help bring attention to your waist as well.

skinny jeans

Another common shape is the hourglass figure. Equally sized hips and bust areas define hourglass shapes. The waist area in an hourglass shape is typically small, and the shoulders and legs are proportionate in size. We advise avoiding straight leg cuts, as this type of denim tends to hide your curves. Instead, opt for either skinny jeans or jeggings that can help accentuate your body. Low-rise jeans are also a good option for this type of body.

Remember, these shapes are just meant to be a helpful guide. It’s totally okay if your body doesn’t exactly match any of these shapes perfectly. Just pick whichever one seems like the most similar and go from there. We’re sure you’ll look amazing in any pair of jeans!