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How To Choose A Denim Leg Shape

Picking the perfect denim leg shape is such an important part of finding your next favorite pair of jeans. When it comes to selecting women’s jeans, it can often be difficult to figure out which shape is the one for you. The possibilities are endless, because each shape has something unique to add to your wardrobe and your figure!

Finding a good jean shape can make a huge difference in making your fabulous denim piece the focal point of your outfit. That’s why Chico’s has created several denim leg shapes to match your style and body.

Let's take the guessing out of shopping for jeans! Relax and let us help you envision the shape of your next favorite pair of jeans.

Popular Denim Leg Shapes

First, let’s start with discussing the different denim leg shape option. It’s possible to find the perfect look without a sacrificing comfort with finding the leg shape that’s just right. The most popular cuts are:

  • Wide Leg
  • Skinny
  • Slim Leg
  • Straight
  • Boot Cut & Flare

As you can see, there are many types of jean leg shapes. Here’s what you should know about each. Before we get into each style, let's talk denim with Melly, the Head of Design at Chico's:

Wide Leg Jeans

If you’ve never tried wide leg jeans, now is the time. They’re the most favored fit of 2023. Plus, Chico’s fashion designers have worked hard to bring you chic, contemporary cuts with an even more stylish fit. When it comes to wide leg jeans, the leg openings are wider than the knee than slim or skinny jeans for a looser fit look and extra comfort. Wide-leg jeans create an effortless yet modern silhouette that is sure to make a statement. 

how to choose a denim leg shape
These pull-on wide leg ankle jeans feature sailor buttons on the front pockets that make them easy to dress up when the occasion calls for it.

Skinny Jeans

You can almost never go wrong with skinny jeans. Skinny jeans provide a sleek and slim fit from the hip all the way down to your ankle. The classic shape goes well with any kind of top, from blouses to tees. With their close-fitting feature, they help create a more elongated look for petite figures and enhance curves on square-shape figures. Chico’s skinny jeans come in a variety of washes so you can find something perfect for every occasion.

how to choose a denim leg shape
Pull-on skinny jeggings offer a comfortable fit and a flattering silhouette.

Slim Leg Jeans

Slim-leg jeans provide a classic silhouette with an updated fit. This denim shape is slightly more relaxed than skinny jeans, so it’s great for women who like to show off their curves. Slim-leg jeans provide a fitted look from hip to ankle but still offer enough room in the thigh area for extra comfort. They’re very similar to skinny jeans, yet they provide more breathing room when you’re on the go.

how to choose a denim leg shape
Slim jeans are an everyday go-to that can be dressed up with a fashion top for more upscale events.

Straight Leg Jeans

If you are looking for a full-length even silhouette, then try straightleg  jeans. This figure-friendly shape remains linear all the way from the top of the leg to the knee and continues down to the opening. One of the distinct features of the straight-leg shape is that it doesn’t narrow or widen below the knee.

Straight leg jeans are perfect for any look, because they can be either dressed down with a cute tee and sandals or dressed up with a stylish blouse. Trousers are one of the biggest straight leg denim styles for 2023. These are the perfect dress-up-or-dress-down jeans.

how to choose a denim leg shape
Easily dress up straight leg jeans with a feminine sleeve top and classic accessories.

Flares and Boot Cut Jeans

Flares and boot cut jeans are similar, but there are enough differences that you might want both styles in your closet. Flares are fitted in the hips and thighs, and then flare out from the knee, offering a roomier lower leg than boot cut jeans. Boot cut simply have a wider ankle shape to fit your favorite fall and winter boots. In 2023, flares are a favorite because they can be dressed up or down, and then look great with a variety of shoes, including heels, loafers, and boots.

how to choose a denim leg shape
It’s easy to turn these flares from day to night by switching sandals for heels.

Choosing a Denim Leg Shape by Body Type

A great place to start when choosing the right denim leg shape is your body type. For example, triangle shapes are flattered by high waist or mid-rise jeans with a flare, boot cut, or straight leg. Plus, like jeggings, can help accentuate your curves while smoothing away any unwanted areas. 

It is also important to consider comfort and how you want to feel in your jeans. Do you prefer looser-fitting jeans, or do you like a tight fit? Your overall outfit can also help determine what type of shape you should go for. To really understand all the possibilities, learn more about which denim styles are the most flattering for your body type.

how to choose a denim leg shape
High rise wide leg jeans flatter quite a few body types, including triangle shape. Plus, they’re the hottest style of the season.

Consider Color and Fit

The leg shape is important when choosing your jeans, but color and fit are just as important. The right shade of denim can make all the difference when trying to match your jeans with other garments. That’s why your closet should include traditional dark wash denim, while including light washes, white, and black styles. 

how to choose a denim leg shape
These white jeans are a much better match for this multicolor top than traditional blue jean washes.

You should also consider fit, as this can determine how comfortable you will be throughout the day. Plus, each fit has its benefits. For example, high rise jeans fit snug at the at the waist and come up over the belly button. The higher waist reduces bulging at the hips, which is what curvier women favor this shape. 

On the other hand, mid-rise jeans should hit between the belly button and the waist. Mid-rise fits also have benefits, like holding and concealing your mid-section, especially when they sit properly on your figure. For both shapes, but sure they hit at the right spot on your mid-section to really reap all the benefits.

how to choose a denim leg shape
These mid-rise pull-on wide leg jeans fit right at just the right spot to get all the benefits.

Denim Leg Shapes for Every Body

Fall in love with your next favorite denim leg shape! You just might be surprised at how good you look in a shape that you’ve never tried before. Shop Chico’s jeans for in a variety of leg shapes, fits, and styles that work for every season. Check out our favorite annual and debut denim leg shapes for more tips and info: