How to wear
a pareo

Also known as a sarong, this versatile
summer essential can be worn 5
different ways.

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1. Halter Dress

Hold the fabric horizontally, then wrap
it around your back, like a towel. Bring
the top corners together in front of
your body. Twist the two corners
around each other twice. Then knot
them behind your head to form
a halter.

2. Long Sarong

Hold the fabric horizontally, and wrap
the pareo around your waist. (If the
material is too long, fold it in half once
more.) Gather the material in front, and
make a simple knot. Knot a second
time to secure. Twist the material to
the side of your hip. Fluff out the
corners of the knot, so that the
patterned side faces outward.

3. Short Sarong

Fold the material in half diagonally to
form a triangular shape. Wrap the
pareo around your waist. Place the two
ends of the pareo together, and tie a
knot on one side of your hips. Tie a
second knot to secure it in place.

4. Swimsuit

Drape the material around your
shoulders. For a more secure fit, fold
the fabric in two horizontally, wrap it
around your shoulders, and tie the ends
securely behind your back.

5. Strapless Dress

Position the fabric behind you so that it
is perpendicular to your body. Take the
corners at the opposite ends of the
garment and wrap them from back to
front, underneath your arms.
Reposition and fluff up the pareo ends
to fall nicely.