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The Essential Guide to Women’s Pants for Fall 2023

The Ultimate Guide to Women’s Pants for Fall

Fall is the perfect time to update your pants collection. Not only is the weather getting cooler, but there are always so many amazing women’s pants styles debuting throughout the season. With all the chic options available, it might be hard to choose!

That’s why we’ve made an all-in-one guide for what’s cool this fall. Get all the info you need about trending pant leg shapes, solutions, fabrics, and details before you shop

The Biggest Trends for 2023

This year, there are so many leg shapes and fits in fashion. That’s great news, because you’ll have styling options that make it a little easier to choose the right look for you. For instance, while wide leg pants are really making a comeback while slim leg pants are still considered a mainstay.

Also, trousers are getting a lot of attention. Since, they’re a great fit for a range of body types and very easy to style, high-waist trousers are one of the top picks for women’s pants. 

womens pants for fall
These athleisure wear trouser pants have a sporty look that’s very fashionable for casual outings and errands.

Fabric trends this fall are very much about soft materials that offer both comfort and sophistication while keeping you warm. Faux leather is a top choice, and so is Ponte since they both look upscale and feel casual. 

While these are some of the leading pant trends in 2023, there’s a lot more to discover! So, let’s get down to the specifics.

Pant Leg Shapes

First, let’s start with the leading leg shapes: wide, flare, straight, and slim. 

Wide Leg

Wide leg pants are fitted at the waist with an easy fit at the hips and a straight, wide leg. This shape can work for women of all shapes and sizes, but petite women benefit from high-waist wide leg pants because elongate the legs. Plus, they’re perfect if you have any areas in the hips and thighs you’d like to camouflage.

womens pants for fall
Wide leg pants are relaxed yet refined, especially paired with a sleek tunic.

Flare Leg

Flares have gone in and out of style a few times since they were first popularized in the 1960s. Today, they’re back in a big way. Flare pants are also fitted at the hips, but they’re slim in the thighs, and then flare out at the knees. We love this leg shape because it can be dressed up or dressed down—and it’s very flattering.

womens pants for fall
These flares are so versatile! The Ponte fabric and pull-on design make them so easy-to-wear and ready for any occasion.

Straight Leg

Straight leg pants have the benefit of looking clean and fitted above the knee with a looser, more relaxed shape below the knee. This leg shape looks really polished on full length women’s pants but can refine crop lengths as well.

womens pants for fall
Straight leg pants have a classic sophistication that’s easy to bring out with simple heels.

Slim Leg

Slim leg pants are a classic that pretty much never goes out of style. That’s because they’re known for lengthening and slimming. Plus, they can create a flattering silhouette, especially when paired with the right shoes and tops.

womens pants for fall
A button front shirt with a faux leather stylish vest make a great match for slim leg pants.

Style & Fit Solutions

In 2023, you should be shopping for women’s pants that have built-in solutions. Some styles may make you look slimmer, while others might provide more comfort. Ideally, they should do both!

Slimming Your Waist

Waist-slimming technologies have come a long way. Long gone are the days of feeling stuffed into pants that shape the midsection. Our favorite way to look and feel trimmer is with Chico’s comfortable So Slimming® solution. Developed with exclusive Hidden Fit technology, So Slimming® comes in two variations: 180 designs slim the tummy and midsection; 360 designs provide all-around figure shaping for the midsection.

womens pants for fall
These fun print pants feature Chico’s So Slimming® 360 technology that slims and shapes all the way around.

Pull-on Women’s Pants

You should never have to sacrifice sophistication for comfort. Get the best of both worlds with some of our favorite pull-on women’s pants: the Brigitte and the Juliet. 

Brigitte pants have a timeless pocketed design and a pull-on waistband, making them perfect for just about any occasion. We love them for everything from the office to the dining room. 

womens pants for fall
Brigitte pants are effortlessly stylish and remarkably comfortable, plus they feature Chico’s So Slimming® Hidden Fit technology.

Juliet pants feature a clean Hollywood waistband, giving them a sleek, smooth front at the waist and hips. Plus, they’re available in luxurious Ponte fabric.

womens pants for fall
Juliet pants are well-known for their faux welt pockets that add to the figure shaping So Slimming® Hidden Fit technology.


Make sure you’re thinking about fabrics when picking out new pants this fall. There are a couple that are really making waves. Ponte and faux leather are on the top of our list.


Ponte pants are a favorite, especially during the cool weather months. This fabric has some of our favorite qualities. First, it’s made from high-quality knit fabric with just the right amount of stretch. It makes them feel like a blend of your favorite leggings and pants! Plus, Chico’s exclusive Ponte combines the right blend of comfort and compression for an always-flattering fit.

womens pants for fall
Ponte can be dressed up or dressed down! We love this laidback casual look for every day.

Faux Leather

When it comes to faux leather, the softer the better. The more luxurious the fabric, the better it will look as you move since it’s more supple. Plus, you can get the look of leather with twice the comfort.

womens pants for fall
These pants feature a faux leather front and Ponte back, making them the most comfortable and fashionable fabric find of the season.


Finally, don’t skimp on the details! Amplify your style with pleats, prints, and embellishments. 

Pintuck Pleats

Little details go a long way, especially pintuck pleats. This stitch detail gives any look texture and subtle flair. Some of our favorite debut women’s pants feature pintuck details that add flattering contour to the fabric. 

womens pants for fall
These Ponte wide leg ankle pants combine so many of this fall’s most exciting elements.


Don’t be afraid to embrace fall prints. They come in a range of warm tones that go with everything else about the season, from pumpkin spice lattes to auburn leaves. 

womens pants for fall
The scroll print comes in the perfect hue for all your fall adventures: chocolate fondant.


Fall marks the beginning of the holiday season, so why not perk up your collection with embellished details? This year, embroidered cutwork is the standout feature.

womens pants for fall
From faux leather fabric to cutwork details, new fall pant styles are bringing eye-catching sophistication.

Shopping for Women’s Pants

Now that fall is here, enjoy shopping for all the most anticipated styles! Shop Chico’s trendsetting women’s pants for all the most anticipated looks of the season.