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Women's Travelers Collection FAQs

What pieces of clothing are in Chico's women's Travelers collection?

The Travelers collection is designed for comfort, convenience, and versatility. With styles that sit firmly between loungewear and luxe, these pieces ensure you always look chic, whether you're across the globe or at home.

Our line of travel clothes for women includes all the key wardrobe pieces you'll need for jet setting in style, including a diverse range of tops, bottoms, outerwear, and dresses. Within the collection, you'll notice all of the pieces fit into certain color palettes, making mixing and matching a breeze-and packing much more efficient. Muted prints, vibrant hues, and classic neutrals are easy to find, so you can cater your travel wardrobe to your tastes.

Tank tops can be worn on their own for a casual look or layered beneath a sweeping ruana or structured jacket for an elevated look. Reversible cardigans can be worn with a tee and turned inside out for unlimited looks. Impress at a formal dinner in sophisticated tops that feature flattering necklines and sleek silhouettes.

Browse floral dresses, sharp dress pants, lightweight tunics, and more that are just as comfortable for the airplane as they are exploring your destination or lounging at the resort.

Is Chico's women's Travelers collection wrinkle-free?

What's best is that all of the items in this collection are crafted from comfortable, wrinkle-resistant fabric, so you can simply pull them out of your luggage and put them on. The Travelers collection makes traveling in style effortless.

There's nothing better than being able to fold and pack your clothes with the knowledge that they'll look fresh when you're ready to wear them. Women's Travelers tops won't have hard wrinkles that won't come out, so you don't have to worry about looking disheveled in photos. Just unpack them and put them on when you're ready to get dressed and go.

Our travel clothes for women are made out of naia sustainable fabric, which makes for comfortable knit garments that retain their shape but stretch nicely and resist wrinkles. You may find yourself reaching for these wrinkle-free clothes to wear even when you're not on vacation.

Does the women's Travelers collection have clothing for many occasions?

Yes, the women's Travelers collection features clothing for just about all occasions that you might partake in when you travel. You'll find slimming one-piece dresses in prints that you can pair with a matching jacket and are perfect for a work-related meeting. If you're traveling for pleasure or staying at a resort, there are long sleeveless tops with side slits that lay nicely over our women's Travelers pants and shorts with tummy slimming features.

What sizes do the pieces from Chico's Travelers collection come in?

You'll find that we have a diverse range of sizes and fits to suit all of our customers-from petites to extended and tall options. The sizing for the collection ranges up to an XXL. To

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