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How to Style Faux Leather: Outfits & Inspiration

How to Style Faux Leather: Outfits & Inspiration

Faux leather is a versatile material that pairs well with any aesthetic and offers the luxe appeal of traditional leather without the ethical dilemma. From glossy to matte to textured finishes, faux leather comes in various styles and colors to allow for limitless outfit potential.

With faux leather toppers, blazers, pants, and tops that seamlessly transition from day to night and work to weekend, you can effortlessly work it into your wardrobe.

Keep reading to find faux leather outfit ideas to inspire your next look.


What is Faux Leather?

First, faux leather is a manmade fabric that is meant to imitate genuine leather. It’s popular for clothing design because it is affordable, breathable, and easy to clean. We love Chico's faux leather because it's made from high quality materials, resulting in a softer hand feel and more ease of wear.

When made with care, faux leather can look very high quality. It’s also quite versatile and offers an alternative option to real leather. There’s always room for new fabrics in your wardrobe, and faux leather is one that is not only timeless but easy to style in ways that will always keep you ahead of the curve.

5 Ways to Style Faux Leather Toppers

Faux leather outerwear combines ethical sensibility and fashion. Faux leather outfits offer a chic and versatile style that mimics the luxurious appeal of real leather, integrating seamlessly into any wardrobe. Here are some fresh faux leather outfit ideas to inspire you: 


The beauty of a monochrome color palette lies in its simplicity, each element working together to create a stand-out look. Pair a brown faux leather blazer with matching brown trousers and heels for a sleek, seamless outfit. 

Use dashes of color in accessories or makeup to add a small pop of color. A vibrant clutch or bold umbrella can add a playful twist to this classic style. 

faux leather
Wear the faux leather jacket to finish a monochrome look, opting for an ecru base layer and an accessory with pops of color.

Casual Elegance

Add a faux leather jacket to jeans and a tee for an elevated everyday ensemble. Go with classic black or experiment with different shades. Pair these pieces with sneakers or ankle boots to keep the aesthetic relaxed, while a statement necklace or earrings can add a touch of glam. 

faux leather
The cutwork on this faux leather jacket really elevates the jeans and tee combo without getting too flashy.

A knit woven pullover top and faux leather pants blends softness with structure, making it perfect for dinner with friends. Layered bracelets or a low-profile watch add an element of laid-back sophistication. 

faux leather
Knit woven blend tops add the right amount of structure for pairing with luxe faux leather pants.

Finishing Dresses

Faux leather finishing pieces can also complement dresses. Long sleeve maxi dresses coupled with a stylish moto jacket can add a modern edge to you look. Complete the ensemble with leather boots to match, and silver tone jewelry to highlight the dress.

faux leather
This moto faux leather jacket is the perfect finishing piece for this floral dress.

Intentional Layers

Layer your favorite tops with faux leather vests paired with casual jeans. Add vibrancy to your ensemble with red pants. Soften the rugged vibe of faux leather with soft, feminine pieces like floral tops, flowy skirts, or pastels. 

On days when you need added warmth, slip on a faux leather and knit jacket over a Ponte maxi dress for a cozy-chic aesthetic. As always, scarves or artful necklaces can take any ensemble to the next level.

faux leather
This faux leather jacket has a side knit detail that makes it a little cozier and easy-to-wear.


Combine faux leather details with activewear pants and a sporty top for an everyday look. Finish the ensemble with sleek sneakers for an effortless everyday option. Hats with faux leather can emphasize the athletic undertone without sacrificing upscale style.

Layer a lightweight hoodie under the jacket for cooler days. To pull it all together, consider a crossbody bag for practicality, whether you’re heading to brunch or running errands. 

faux leather
The faux leather baseball cap elevates this athleisure wear look while still giving it a down-to-earth feel.

Faux Leather Pants: 5 Ways to Style

Faux leather pants were once a daring choice, but now they’ve become a wardrobe staple. 

They offer a modern aesthetic and adaptability. That’s how they seamlessly blend with every woman’s style, catering to everything from classic to modern tastes.

Bohemian Twist

Try wide leg faux leather styles with details like cutwork and embroidery. For a relaxed boho-chic aesthetic, add chunky bracelets and a crossbody bag.

faux leather
Comfort and style merge to make these wide leg faux leather crops with cutwork details.

Crisp Tailoring

Channel sophistication by pairing your faux leather pants with a sharply tailored shirt or blouse in neutral tones. Complete the ensemble with point-toe heels or flats and a structured handbag, allowing for clean lines and elegant tailoring to take center stage.

faux leather
The classic button front design is modernized with crocodile print paired with crocodile textured faux leather pants.


Layer your faux leather pants with a cinched blazer to create a silhouette that’s flattering and accentuates your figure. The harmony of a cinched waist against the sleekness of the pants can add depth and character to your outfit. 

faux leather
This denim blazer makes a great complement to the faux leather pants for a sleeker silhouette and dynamic texture.

Moto Edge

Embrace the Easy Rider aesthetic with faux leather pants paired with a moto-inspired jacket and boots. Add chunky accessories to further accentuate your bold ensemble. Leather boots or jewelry lend themselves to an edgier aesthetic, while a flats and gold tone accessories achieves a more elevated feel. 

faux leather
This look blends two things we love: monochrome and faux leather.

Bold Colors

You can always stick to the classic black and add vibrant colors on top. Pairing daring shades with neutral color accessories can offer balance while making a statement. A simple beige handbag, paired with tan or nude shoes, can ground the look, making it effortlessly elegant.

While black is a classic choice for faux leather pants, don’t shy away from rich colors. Try our faux leather pants in cool greens or warm reds. 

faux leather
These wide leg faux leather crops in deep woods green make the entire ensemble pop.

Can You Wear Faux Leather All Year?

Yes, faux leather is wearable throughout the entire year as it can be transitioned easily from season to season. Items like full faux leather set clothing and faux leather jackets are better suited in cooler months, but there are many ways faux leather can be comfortably worn on warmer days. 

Pair faux leather pants with lightweight fabrics, dresses, and open-toed shoes. Or wear faux leather tunics with leggings and crops for a comfortable, easy-breezy warm weather style.

How to Find Quality Faux Leather Pieces

It’s important to note that not all faux leather clothing is created with the highest quality in mind. Look to brands like Chico’s, who has a track record of bringing you modern clothing that is created with carefully selected materials and quality craftsmanship. Here are a few tips to keep in mind when shopping for faux leather:

  • Sturdiness: You want your faux leather pieces to last wear after wear.
  • Machine-wash safe: It should be easy to wash your faux leather pieces.
  • Comfort: Faux leather should be breathable and easy to move in.

When you’re shopping, be sure to check the product details to learn more about the materials used and see what the reviews say, so you can find the best faux leather clothing.

Elevate Your Wardrobe with Faux Leather Pieces

Faux leather is adaptable to every woman’s style. From the understated refinement of monochromatic color schemes to the bold and unapologetically edgy pieces, faux leather can complement any lifestyle. 

As you experiment with these faux leather outfitting tips, embrace your own personal style along with the versatility of this timeless fabric. There’s no way to wear faux leather, but if you need help curating outfits that coordinate with your wardrobe, one of our personal stylists is always on standby.

Embrace faux leather with Chico’s. Shop our new arrivals to find pieces that transcend seasonality to add to your wardrobe.