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How To Find Out Your Chico's Size

it’s easy to figure out your Chico’s size

Finding Chico’s clothing that flatters your body and elevates your style? That’s easy! Finding your Chico’s size? Also easy—once you learn how to navigate Chico’s unique sizing system.

Here’s how to figure that out, and also a little history on why Chico’s sizes (and designs) clothing differently than other brands.


Chico’s sizes are consistent whether you’re shopping for formal or casual occasions.

If you’ve ever wondered why Chico’s doesn’t offer clothes in the same sizes as other brands, you’re certainly not alone. This is one of the most common questions we get at Chico’s.

The answer is simple: we felt the need to develop a unique, simple sizing system to ensure that once you know your Chico’s size, you’ll always find the right fit, whether you’re seeking sleek jeans or a carefree dress, a close-fitting ponte pant, or a dreamy tunic.  

Why did Chico’s create our sizing system from scratch?  We had to, to get it right! Traditional women’s clothes size charts are notorious for inconsistency and even can be discriminatory against certain body sizes and types.

That’s why at Chico’s, we offer sizes for women of all body types—you’ll notice, for example, that there’s not a unique distinction for a “plus size.” When we design any apparel item, our first question is, “How can we make this look chic on any woman?”


Get your body measurements to find your Chico’s size.

The easiest way to find your Chico’s size is to consult the handy size chart available online, or, if you are shopping in one of our stores, just ask a style expert for help.

You’ll note that we offer a “translation” of missy and petite sizes from 000 to 22, and from size XS to XXL. For example, a size 6 at other brands correlates to a size .5 at Chico’s. Our sizing is stable, though, so while you might find yourself buying a 6 in most brands but sometimes a 4, 8, or 10, depending upon the manufacturer, at Chico’s, you’ll be a reliable .5 every single time. This often will be the case if you’ve gained or lost weight; our jeans, for example, will not only fit you but slim your silhouette even if your body has changed .

A word of advice: to ensure you choose a Chico’s size that fits you perfectly, get out your measuring tape and accurately measure the circumference of your bust, waist, hips and arms. Then you’ll know for sure what your size is. If you’re at the store, you can trust our style experts to give you an honest assessment dressing room assessment of whether you need to go up or down a size.


The Brigitte pant at Chico’s flatters all body types.

Finding Chico’s pants that will fit and flatter your body is easy. Favorites like the Brigitte are designed to look slimming and flattering on all body types, and the pull-on waist ensures no uncomfortable digging from buttons or zippers.

All you have to do is figure out your Chico’s pant size. Simply locate this number  on the Chico’s size chart. Not sure whether they fit? As long as you can tuck in a shirt comfortably, and pockets aren’t flaring out, you can feel certain your Chico’s pants aren’t too tight. On the other hand, if the pants seem baggy in the rear or the waistline sinks throughout the day, you might need to go down a size.


It’s easy to find jeans that fit at Chico’s! Our size chart is a reliable guide. With our So Slimming technology, you’ll look great in nearly any style — the real question is what is the most flattering denim for your body shape?

Don’t listen to myths that a certain jean cut is “out,” or only for a specific age group. Looking great in denim is always in style, which is why Chico’s offers timelessly styled straight-legged, boot cut and wide leg, jeggings, slim leg, skinny, ankle and pull-on jeans, so you can sing the blues (or wear a white, black or colored rinse) any way you choose.


A well-fitting Chico’s top will flatter your bust and waist.

Many women are a different size on the top than they are on the bottom—in fact, very few of us are that prototypical “hourglass” shape, with a bust and hips evenly proportioned. Many of us are petite on top and curvier on the bottom, while some of us are a bit more voluptuous with slimmer hips, so it is possible to need a smaller or larger top than what you wear in jeans or pants.

It’s important to choose the size that fits you best. A quick check in with that measuring tape will let you know what your correct Chico’s size is for tops, tees and blouses.

Of course, your mirror is your ultimate guide. If buttons are straining or your bra line is visible, go up a size, and if the arm holes are hitting you well below your underarms, it’s safe to assume that you need to size down.


Chico’s dresses fit and flatter.

Dressing up is a treat, but choosing a dress can be challenging—especially if you’re getting all jazzed up for a specific occasion. After all, if all eyes are on you, you want to look chic! Making matters more complicated, dresses can be the most difficult type of clothing to fit into perfectly, because they need to fit parts of your body that might be different sizes (as anyone who has had to spend a pretty penny at the seamstress can attest).

This is why Chico’s often designs dresses to fit a range of measurements, rather than the very narrow set of measurements most brands fit to. For example, a Chico’s size 1 fits women who wear both an 8 and a 10 in traditional stores—so you’ll look and feel perfectly chic regardless of your body shape, no alterations required.


Whether you’re searching for pants, jeans, tops, or dresses in your size, Chico’s takes the guess factor out of finding your fit with its unique sizing system.

Shopping for clothes should be fun, and never stressful. Once you know what size to wear, it’s time to create some fun ensembles, play with color, and accessorize. You’re going to look great!