Travelers tm

Wrinkle free and packable. Go there in style. We’re not saying we invented the mix-and-match wardrobe, but we have spent 20 years perfecting it.


Stop The Presses:
this fabric
won't wrinkle

Machine washable and oh so soft,
you couldn’t wrinkle our classic
Travelers knit if you tried.

Let’s start with
the classics

Necessities for any wardrobe,
these just happen to never wrinkle.

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Life's a journey
and we've made
a lot of friends
along the way...

"It is perfect for traveling. It will not wrinkle."

— G. Stewart, MA

"The material doesn’t wrinkle and you can dress them up or down."

— G. Pyron, TX

"They wash, dry and pack like a dream."

— I. Spice, FL