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The must-have finishing touches of the season are in.
Percy Bib Necklace
Percy Stretch Bracelet
Percy Drop Earring
Percy Ring
Alane Statement Necklace
The Jordan Necklace
Yuri Stick Bib Necklace
Alane Necklace
Norran Bib Necklace
Alane Stretch Bracelet
Heada Beaded Agate Bracelet
Heada Double-Strand Agate Necklace
Myah Disc Bib Necklace
Myah Disc Bracelet
Myah Disc Necklace
Myah Drop Earring
Kelda Etched Earrings
The Josephine Necklace
The Josephine Bracelet
The Josephine Earrings
Alane Necklace
Alane Earrings
Norran Necklace
Norran Earrings
Alane Charm Bracelet
Alane Earrings
Norran Necklace
Norran Stretch Bracelet
Andrea Faux-Tortoiseshell Necklace
Andrea Cuff Bracelet
Andrea Multi-Strand Necklace
Andrea Stretch Bracelet
Yuri Double-Strand Necklace
Yuri Stretch Bracelet
Yuri Chandelier Earring
Carla Pendant Necklace