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Real Charmers | layers on the tassels horns and danglers for brilliant effect.
Mina Tassel Necklace
Yuna Horn Necklace
Yuna Long Necklace
Pria Pendant Necklace
The Valencia Necklace
The Jordan Necklace
The Capri Flower Necklace
The Shelle Necklace
The Josephine Necklace
Tori Statement Necklace
Marcela Bib Necklace
Marcela Statement Necklace
Yuna Pendant Necklace
Leila Long Pendant Necklace
Nicole Tassel Necklace
Lissa Fringe Pendant Necklace
Riva Short Pendant Necklace
Nicole Long Necklace
Karley Long Silver Bead Necklace
Meryl Long Gold Necklace
Tanner Bib Necklace
Regan Bib Necklace
Riva Bib Necklace
Dariya Charm Necklace
Mabel Long Necklace
Tori Pendant Necklace
Tori Gold-Tone Pendant Necklace
Molly Short Necklace
Tayla Short Necklace
Nicole Short Pendant Necklace
Mabel Convertible Necklace
Evora Convertible Necklace
Lania Pendant Necklace
Nicole Long Pendant Necklace
Riva Tassel Necklace
Tanner Tassel Necklace