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Jayne Stud Earring
Darla Single Strand Necklace
Darla Single Strand Necklace
Specially Priced At  $27.50
Kendyl Silver Clip Earring
Darla Tassel Necklace
Darla Tassel Necklace
Specially Priced At  $29.50
Roseya Clip Earring
Enya Bib Necklace
Enya Crystal Drop Earring
Kendyl Green and Silver Tassel Necklace
Kendyl Green Drop Pendant Earring
Kendyl Blue and Silver Tassel Necklace
Kendyl Drop Pendant Earring
Kendyl Short Pendant Necklace
Esme Long Animal Necklace
Esme Animal Earrings
Margot Long Pendant Necklace
Margot Long Necklace